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audiences and stand out from the
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UX/UI designer is one of the most sought after
careers and positions in Digital Marketing.

You don’t need formal training in design. What you do need is a passion for the craft, curiosity about people and technology, ability to learn quickly, and an eye for detail.

Learn the most impactful UX/UI Design strategies to optimize customer experience.
Get hands-on experience with activities and assignments and take your learning from theory to action, from the classroom to the real world.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

2.3 T
Worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, making up 10.1% of total retail sales.
4.8 T
e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.
1.8 T
China’s online retail market is expected to hit $1.8tn in 2022, buoyed by local tech titans Alibaba and JD.com, according to a report by Forrester.
Course Highlights
This course will give you a complete guide on how to become an expert in UX UI design. This Our content is thoroughly researched and thoughtfully designed by instructors from top Canadian Universities, industry thought leaders, keynote speakers, best-selling authors, and leading consultants.
Build Strong Foundations
UX General Knowledge - The difference between CX & UX disciplines and when to leverage each, including informaaon, architecture, interacaon design, usability, and user research.

UX Process - What a UX process would look like and learn to customize it for size, scope, form factor of the project i.e. responsive design v. a mobile app.
Get The Specialization
UX Toolkit - Get thorough understanding on how and when to leverage UX tools & methods, we will provide you with 20+ customizable templates and access to the latest cloud based tools for you to use outside the course.

UX Research – Learn to create personas, execute usability tesang, ground your ideas/designs in data, Qualitative and/or quantitative research.
Core Business Focus
UX industry and/or design trends – This course will empower you with the latest knowledge, and how to keep advancing it.
  • The Rise of Customer-Centric Marketing
  • The Business of CX
  • Customer Experience (CX) vs. User Experience (UX) UX vs. User Interface (UI)
  • Omni-Channel and Multi-Platform Experiences
  • Ultimate CX/UX: Methodology + Science + Design
  • Creating Exceptional Experiences Through UCD
  • The UCD Methodology Toolbox
  • UCD in Practice
  • Requirements and Discovery Phase
  • Design and Development Phase
  • Document and Deploy
  • Test/Learn Improve
  • UCD and Agile Development
  • Tools and Tips
  • AcmeShoe.com - Your Online and Offline Shoe Company
  • Setting UX Objectives
  • Target Audience and Segmentation: Creating and Documenting Personas/Usage
  • Customer Journey: Current vs. Ideal State
  • Setting and Tracking KPIs
  • Strategy Creation: Brand Engagement, Conversion, and Loyalty
  • Tactic Creation and Mapping
  • Tools and Tips
  • Science Meets Design
  • Storytelling and Engagement
  • Content Creation and Prioritization
  • Audience and Cultutal Implications
  • Design Psychology Best Practices
  • Usability and Accessibilily Compliance
  • Tools and Tips
  • Responsive vs. Adaptive Design
  • Creating Information Architectures
    • Validating with Tree Testing/Card Sorting c)
  • Creating Wireframes and Templates
    • Validating with Eye Path Testing and First Impression Testing
  • Creating Rapid Prototypes
    • Validating with Iterative Usability Testing
  • Funcational Specifications
  • Content is King
  • Best Practices in Copy the Converts
  • Video and Voice-Based Interfaces
  • Digital Structures and Patterns
    • Home Pages and Landing Pages
    • Category pages
    • Listing Pages
    • Product Pages
    • Search and Filtering Information
    • Customer Service
  • Digital Structures and Patterns, continued
    • Form Design
    • Personaliztion and Customization
    • "MyAccount" and Dashboard Interfaces
    • Email Design and Communication
    • Social-based Experieces
    • Online Advertising Experiences
  • Analytics and Behavior Tracking
  • A/B and Multi-Variant Testing
  • Creating an Optimization Plan
  • Top 30 Best Practices for Testing
  • The Role of the User Experience Consultant
  • Role of an In-House User Experience Professional
  • Integrating User Experience into the larger Marketing landscape
  • Common Organizational Challenges & Solutions Additional Resources to Stay Informed
Concepts, platforms and techniques in the course
Our Team, Advisors and Course Developers
Our team is a unique combination of thought leaders who represent some of the world's largest brandnames. They are lead instructors at globally top-ranked universities and are also renowned practitioners.
Axel Kuhn

Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Tyler Calder

Online Advertising

Micheal Seaton

Web and Digital Analytics

Dr.Sebastian Maurice Ph.D

Big Data Science

Dr. Jatin Chaudhari

Online Customer Acquisition

Mohammad Nayab Khalil

Digital Marketing

Punit Sindhwani

eCommerce Marketplace Management

Tara O'Doherty

UX UI Design


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Real Project Portfolio
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"The course helped me gain deep understanding of the inner element of design. I see design in a new light today and able to create design that I was unable to do before."

Raj Bhandari - BBC News

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"Graduates of this program are going to be highly in demand for our or any other clients when it comes to applying for digital marketing jobs. The focus on learning by doing and creating real project portfolio will actually guarantee it."

- Arushi Patnaik -Director, People Engagement, Sheroes

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