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Raj Kumar Bhandari, UX UI Designer
eCdemy provides a safe environment where risks and explorations are encouraged. Whether I have a technical, professional, or personal question, there is always someone that can be of help or refer me to someone one who will know an answer. My peers and instructors are always supportive and are open to discussing any concerns. I know eCdemy equips me with both the soft and hard skills of not only specific to a UI designer but to be overall a better learner, thinker, and a designer.
Freelancer Writer & Editor
Being your own boss is a liberating experience. I switched from a stable job in the ITES sector to the risky-but-thrilling world of freelancing in 2012 and have since worked with a variety of clients. With the skills I gained at eCdemy I know how to reach out to new clients and amplify my presence as a freelancer online. I do better financially, professionally and have great work like balance today.
Training Leader Google India
I was trained by eCdemy to become an expert in Search Engine Marketing, not only did I gain deep skills in SEM but got the right certifications to support my career growth. Today, I work on the Google project to help individuals on the Google account that supports small and medium businesses in achieving their online goals through Google search engine marketing.
Designer & Blogger
I always wanted to do something to help the handlooms and handicraft artisans of our country. With the learning from eCdemy I am able to find the weavers of Baragaon a new platform for their products and new buyers across different geographies. I love what I do and recommend eCdemy to one and all across every industry, the possibilities online are endless.
Digital Marketing Leader Honda
With the help eCdemy we are building a stronger brand presence online and increased our social media engagement rate by 378% over the last years. Our marketing team today is entire cross trained on digital media and we are glad we found an amazing partner in eCdemy. Highly recommend them to all small and large organizations!
When we signed up for eCdemy's DM course, we wanted to learn and offer the services to our existing clients in North America. Since completing the course and up- skilling my team, I have started offering digital marketing to 25+ of our own and new clients. I am so glad and thanks to eCdemy, we evolved at the right time.
Voice Over Artist
I'm running campaigns on Facebook and Google AdWords for myself and I am also associated with one of my friend's start-up to supervise his Digital Marketing team, it's part-time, so I have the flexibility & it's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks to eCdemy, I'm now able to excel at my work, it all makes me more versatile and valuable.
Partner, Orlina Ventures
Since graduating form eCdemy I have found a new way to promote our services online. Along with my team I am able to offer new client projects and have processed and delivered 13 projects since my learning of the course(i.e. since Aug'17), Our last quarter revenue multiplied 1.5 times of the projections. I feel I should have learned these skills in place of the traditional marketing skills I gained during my MBA.
Operations Leader
We give eCdemy the credit of building and growing our internal digital marketing and eCommerce management team at White Hat Digital. eCdemy Learning Solutions mentorship was impressive, the content developed by renowned thought leader was best-in-class and available online and accessible on- demand. We could not have asked for a better training partner for our team.
Final year MBA Student
I have been hired to become a digital marketing consultant even before I finished my MBA course, It's all because of the knowledge I have gained here at eCdemy. With the strong foundations I have gained in digital at eCdemy I have a goal to become a digital marketing manager within the next 3 years. I am excited about joining one of the fastest growing Industry and growth prospect here.
SEO Expert
I self learned search engine optimization and started offering my services as a freelancer and when eCdemy came I immediately joined the first batch to learn search engine marketing to become online advertising expert. At eCdemy it is all about immersive learning and the mentorship stands out, I am glad I joined them and recommend it to anyone and everyone.
Graphic Designer
Having gained advanced expertise in graphic design I was always keen on learning more about the online business. I believe design plays a critical role in the online world, as does online marketing. After gaining the online advertising from eCdemy, I am now able to understand the client needs better as well as deliver exceptional work. I have also picked up 5 real estate project for online advertising.
Software Engineer
I always wanted to get the skills that I could utilize wherever and got expertise in social media marketing at eCdemy. I help different business achieve their online goals and I also teach at eCdemy where I teach advanced Facebook and Social Media Marketing. I am extremely happy that the skills I have I can utilize them from anywhere, even if I am only working part-time in the future.