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eCommerce retailers are becoming the largest retailer in the world by total sales and market capitalization. This program gives you the opportunity to discover and understand how to utilize the power of eCommerce marketplaces to gain the share of the digital shelf.

START FROM THE BASICS AND BECOME A PRO: This Program will provide you with in depth knowledge on eCommerce Marketplaces, starting from launching new account, listing of new products, store management, vendor account management on Amazon, Amazon marketing service and launching, managing and optimizing new campaigns on Amazon.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Gain share of the digital shelf for any product
  • Drive product sale thought promoaon and adverasing on marketplaces
  • Manage sellers and increase sales
  • Manage the voice of the customer
  • Manage and optimize digital catalogs
  • Get price and product insight/intelligence to make data driven decisions
2.3 T
"Worldwide retail ecommerce sales will reach $2.290 trillion in 2017, making up 10.1% of total retail sales.
4.8 T
e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 4.88 trillion US dollars in 2021.
1.8 T
China's online retail market is expected to hit $1.8tn in 2022, buoyed by local tech titans Alibaba and, according to a report by Forrester.
Course Highlights
This course will give you a complete guide on how to increase your online footprint and boost sales through domestic and international marketplaces. Whether you need help managing your marketplaces or are ready to take your online sales to the next level, it helps to have the right knowledge, tools and techniques on your side to make sure all your marketplaces are performing optimally to maximize your sales potential anywhere in the world.
  • Know about the origins and growth of the Internet and its evolving use in business.
  • Understand terminology and trends in e-commerce and e-business.
  • Know the technical, strategic and operational elements needed to start and run an online business
  • Be familiar with the key concepts, tools and trends of eMarketing
  • Use the most common and important e-Commerce/e-Business tools
  • Understand web-based market research
  • Learn new approaches to customer-experience management
  • Get to know customer experience and website design
  • Use the most common and important e-Commerce/e-Business tools
  • Understand web-based market research
  • Learn new approaches to customer-experience management
  • Get to know customer experience and website design
  • What is an e-Commerce platform and its uses?
  • Key components of an e-Commerce platform
  • Selection criteria to be kept in mind whilst selection
  • Forms of online advertising
  • Key trends in online advertising
  • How Amazon Advertising works
  • How to create an Ad campaign on Amazon
  • How to measure and manage online advertising
  • The fundamentals of metrics and KPIs
  • The use of metrics for diagnostics and performance management
  • The operational and management processes behind the use of metrics
  • How to develop metrics & KPIs for specific e-Business goals
  • How to outline a basic performance management system?
  • The elements of e-Business strategy
  • The process of strategy development
  • Tools used in strategy development
  • Common causes of strategy failures
  • How to develop a basic e-Business strategy?
  • The elements of e-Business technology infrastructure
  • Trends affecting e-Business technology infrastructure
  • Issues affecting the management of technology infrastructure
  • Sourcing options
  • How to develop a basic infrastructure management strategy?
  • The nature of entrepreneurship
  • About the opportunities and challenges of ecommerce entrepreneurship
  • The process of starting a business in India
  • What it takes to be an entrepreneur
Top Brands Paxcom is helping manage and optimize performance eCommerce Marketplaces
Our Team, Advisors and Course Developers
Our team is a unique combination of thought leaders who represent some of the world's largest brandnames. They are lead instructors at globally top-ranked universities and are also renowned practitioners.
Axel Kuhn

Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Tyler Calder

Online Advertising

Micheal Seaton

Web and Digital Analytics

Dr.Sebastian Maurice Ph.D

Big Data Science

Dr. Jatin Chaudhari

Online Customer Acquisition

Mohammad Nayab Khalil

Digital Marketing

Punit Sindhwani

eCommerce Marketplace Management

Tara O'Doherty

UX UI Design


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Through our partner network, we provide our candidates access to over 1,200 companies. We get you the support you need to realize your dreams and desires through this unique program that provides special services tailored to integrate individuals into the workforce.

"The course is designed to support the urgent need of businesses to manage and optimize performance on marketplaces. As eCommerce grows globally, the need for trained resources to realize the full potential of eCommerce is becoming very critical."

Punit Sindhwani

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