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Learn from industry experts to become digital marketing expert

Our digital marketing immersive program is designed for students who want to be in control of all stages of digital markeang and create beautifully created marketing campaigns, engaging user interfaces, and memorable brand experience.

Learn 30 Digital marketing Disciplines & Tools

  • Master the building blocks of digital markeang, from social media and content strategy, to implementation and analytics.
  • Lead and support your clients and colleagues through the digital markeang landscape.
  • Build, test and implement to deliver actual results by using your own work directly in the course.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Create brand identity and its marketing strategy;
  • Design web and mobile landing pages;
  • Plan and execute engaging markeang campaigns;
  • Make data-driven design decisions;
  • Track customer behaviour;
  • Optimize conversions and much more.
of the world's economy will be digital by 2020.
higher salaries for digital marketers compared to traditional marketers.
Billion worldwide digital advertising expenditure by 2020.
Course Highlights
We work with leading industry experts to design and develop in-demand courses that define the digital skills and capabilities required of all professionals. You will leave eCdemy collaborative and creatively driven, empowered to go beyond conventional thinking and build value-based solutions to the challenges of today’s industry.
Build Strong Foundations
Start with building a strong foundation in digital marketing management and the core concepts of Digital Marketing. Learn the most important tools and techniques required to build your own digital marketing campaigns.
Get The Specialization
Learn how to get in front of your target audience with the right message at the right time effectively with measurable results. Specialize in Online Advertising to get in front of your target audience and find the best ROI. Become well-versed in developing your own online advertising strategy and integrate it with your overall business strategy.
Core Business Focus
The focus of this course is on driving real business results like revenue, profit and lead generation and on utilizing actionable insights from analytics to grow a business.
Explore the Online Shift, the new business environment for both companies and consumers and how this is changing the roles and responsibilities of digital marketers everywhere. Dive deeper in to the four fundamental shifts; the shift in power from seller to buyer, shift from outbound to inbound marketing, shift to technological centric marketing, and shift to data analytics.
Learn how to create a digital marketing strategy to thrive in the changing digital environment. Learn how digital marketing is used to achieve overall marketing goals, how to develop a digital marketing strategy that supports both marketing and business goals and the elements of the digital marketing toolkit and how to use them as part of a digital marketing strategy that supports the entire customer life cycle.
Master the field of customer experience management to create a competitive differentiation and advantage. Learn how to effectively measure and optimize customer experience. Become well versed in using tools and techniques like Customer Experience Mapping to measure customer journey and Net promoter Score System, (NPS) to measure customer experience. Learn about the tools and techniques to create a website with improved User Experience and test to improve ease of use of your website.
Understand the mechanics of search engines and gain insights into the latest trends in search engine algorithms to update your content accordingly; either to rank or to improve your ranking in the Search Engine Results Page or SERP. Gain insight into the four fundamental elements of basic SEO, including search engine friendly design and development, keyword research and targeting, on page optimization and off page optimization. Also become acquainted with Whitehat, Blackhat and Greyhat SEO to stay within limitations and guidelines of the search engines.
Explore the unique value that Social Media provides and how to use it effectively as part of an integrated marketing program. Understand the most common forms of social media and how to develop a social media strategy. Learn native advertising and other trends like paid amplification to gain competitive edge. With this module turn your focus towards creating and sharing content and to participate in social networking to grow your brand's reach and profitability.
Creating and distributing unique valuable content is crucial for many aspects of digital marketing, including SEO, social media and email marketing. Learn how you can create content marketing strategies that inform, engage and convert your audience along the entire customer buying cycle. Learn how to create content that will position your company as a thought leader in your industry and will also promote your website as the location for insights and expertise to help buyers make informed decisions.
Email marketing has now become an important part of the marketing mix. With this module learn to make the best use of email marketing by creating branding and awareness, lead generation, lead nurturing, content distribution, sales, customer service and retention of your customers. Become well versed in creating your email marketing strategy and plan as well as keep track of your email marketing program by learning to use metrics to measure the activity and results.
Gain insights in to the many customer touch points for mobile devices throughout the entire engagement cycle and look at the tremendous Omnichannel, multi-device challenges for marketers as they try to deliver a consistent end to end customer experience. Learn how to use mobile web to drive new prospects and use mobile apps to drive loyalty.
Familiarize yourself with paid search advertising, display and programmatic advertising as well as social media advertising to best leverage them for the purposes of getting your message to the right users, at the right time during the buying cycle. Take a brief look at the history of online advertising and the role it plays in marketing. Also get insights into some benchmarking data on the various online channels and while taking all of this into account, build it into an integrated funnel.
Discover the reach of global search engines and learn how to perform keyword research and segment those keywords, learn how to write effective ad copies for search engines. Since paid search is an auction-based system, know more about bidding strategies and quality score to help maximize your impact in an auction. Identify where users are in their journey, to make a purchase decision and provide the right type of ad copy and landing page for that phase of their journey.
Learn how to influence quality score to help with your Google Adwords and Bing Ads auctions. Get insights into factors like click-through rate, ad relevancy and landing page experience to impact your quality score in a positive way. Become proficient in calculating your budget for a paid search program, get an understanding on how to build your campaigns from the best practices but also learn to optimize based on the data that you start collecting.
Gain an understanding of modern display advertising tactics, when to leverage those tactics for your business and how today approach to display advertising is vastly different than previous forms of broadcast advertising. Discover the benefits of display advertising by learning how to categorize targeting options as either contextual advertising or audience-based targeting. Grasp the opportunity provided by video ads and learn how to measure the outcome of your display advertising program and techniques to optimize your program.
Become well versed in Facebook advertising to leverage its global reach and usage and target specific audience segments as well as modify your ads according to the different segments and different objectives. Dive deeper into the various advertising tools and techniques to plan, manage, measure and test your advertising campaigns. Move ahead of basic ad objectives such as Boost Post to some of the advanced audience creation and ad objectives to generate and nurture leads with targeted ads.
Through this module discover Twitter as an advertising channel in comparison to other social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Get an understanding of Twitter's unique strengths and how to maximize the performance of your Twitter advertising campaigns. Become well versed in creating your campaign on Twitter as well as learn how to measure the performance of your Twitter campaigns.
Learn the most powerful channel at getting in front of professional users. Learn how to leverage LinkedIn to effectively target B2B users. Get insights into LinkedIn's global reach and how you can target your audience based on their professional characteristics all while considering their professional pain points.
Discover the importance of Landing Pages which bridges the gap between Click and Conversion and focus your attention towards the four basic questions that anyone asks when they visit your landing page and get insights into how to answer them effectively to persuade the visitors convert. Become familiar with the types of landing pages such as campaign landing pages, organic landing pages, lead capture, click through landing page. And get an understanding of the three principles of creating a great landing page.
This module looks at the amazing power of marketing automation and lead integration technology and how it is transforming the online marketing field. Learn how to successfully implement lead integration to deliver strong benefits to your company as well customers. Although challenging to implement well, the effort required is relatively small compared to the substantial business benefits.
Learn how to develop a digital marketing plan as part of an integrated marketing plan. Look into the details of the digital marketing planning cycle and learn the steps to create your own digital marketing planbeginning from situation analysis, to identifying goals and objectives, what's your strategy to achieve those objectives and then get into the individual programs and action plans to execute your marketing strategy.
Understand metrics and how to measure the performance of your marketing team and your marketing program. Dive deeper into web analytics, to mine actionable insights of your digital marketing programs. Familiarize yourself with the best practices in performance management to continually get better results from your marketing program.
Concepts, platforms and techniques in the course
Our Team, Advisors and Course Developers
Our team is a unique combination of thought leaders who represent some of the world's largest brand names. They are lead instructors at globally top-ranked universities and are also renowned practitioners.
Axel Kuhn

Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Tyler Calder

Online Advertising

Micheal Seaton

Web and Digital Analytics

Dr.Sebastian Maurice Ph.D

Big Data Science

Dr. Jatin Chaudhari

Online Customer Acquisition

Mohammad Nayab Khalil

Digital Marketing

Punit Sindhwani

eCommerce Marketplace Management

Tara O'Doherty

UX UI Design


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