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business findings, and create data-driven solutions.
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According to the forecasts of the World Economic Forum, by 2020 data analysts will be in high demand in companies around the world.

Economist Hal Varian Ronald has defined this role as the sexiest job of the 20th century

By 2020 the number of Data Science and Analytics job listings is projected to grow by nearly 364,000 listings to approximately 2,720,000.

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Portfolio of work showcasing your ability to solve complex data problems
  • Understand how to use data to generate insights that will help a business make good business decisions that impacts their bottom-line
  • Incorporate human decision-making with machine intelligence
  • Thrive on feedback and incorporate this feedback to improve your models
  • Understand ALL models are wrong because they are sampling something from the real world
  • Test your model Formulations with experts who know the business theory
50% of SMEs state that they intend to hire a data analyst in the next three years.
Almost at equality to Men. Many data analysts are women (41% against 59%).
IBM Predicts Demand For Data Scientists Will Soar 28% By 2020
Course Highlights
This course will give you deep applicable experience in basic and advanced statistics that help to validate the mathematical model and understand liner and non-liner data. Be able to communicate the value of, defend and publish the results. You will achieve this through;

We believe there is no standard definition in the literature or media for a successful Data Analyst. There are however four main components that make a data analyst:

Mathematically focused
Able to specify a mathematical model from theoretical description of a problem Mid- to Advanced in mathematics
Statistically focused
Understands basic and advanced statistics that help to validate the mathematical model likes to work with data
understand difference between linear and non-linear data
Strong communication focused
Able to communicate the value and defend the results from 1) and 2) work with domain experts to learn their business that helps in formulating a mathematical model
Able to publish results and methodologies in public domain
Knowledge sharing focused
Shares knowledge with others
Builds consensus with business and technical teams
  • What is Data Science?
  • Intro (what you will learn in this section)
  • Profession of the future
  • Lecture
  • Areas of Data Science
  • IMPORTANT: Course Pathways
  • What are the industry leading tools for data scientist
  • What make features and functionality are important
  • How different technologies integrate with each other
  • What is the future direction of technologies
  • What types of skills are needed for these technologies
  • How would these technologies typically fit inside an organization
  • How best to train yourself on these technologies
  • How to identify an analytical problem
  • How to establish a theoretical basis for the problem
  • How to establish hypotheses
  • How to test a hypothesis
  • How to determine the relevant variables
  • How to formulate a model
  • How to prepare your model for estimation
  • Estimates and Estimators
  • Key statistics to determine the quality of the estimates
  • Criteria for estimators
  • Interpreting the results
  • Graphing the predictions
  • Testing hypotheses
  • Visualization Standards
  • Visualization Methods
  • Data Mining and Visualization
  • Visualization concepts : Big Data
  • Visualization for Mobile Devices
  • Visualization Technologies
  • What is Big Data?
  • Reference architecture
  • Big data tools and technologies
  • In memory analytics
  • Optimizing performance
  • What is machine learning?
  • Machine Learning Stages
  • Intelligent Decision Support Framework
  • Machine Learning: An Application
  • Why is machine learning important?
  • Areas of applications
  • Industry Problems and Analytics
  • Focusing on Business Problems
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Finding Your Analytic Strengths
  • Prove it or lose it! Defending your analysis
  • Defining an analytics project
  • How to gather analytic business requirements
  • How to gather analytic technical requirements
  • Defining pseudo-algorithms with the business
  • Successful project methodology
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • What it means to be a world-class Analytic Professional
  • Effective ways to market your analytic talents
  • Connecting to the industry
  • Areas of curiosity: Innovating and Disrupting industries
    • Finding your niche
    • Bringing it all together
Concepts, platforms and techniques in the course
Our Team, Advisors and Course Developers
Our team is a unique combination of thought leaders who represent some of the world's largest brandnames. They are lead instructors at globally top-ranked universities and are also renowned practitioners.
Axel Kuhn

Digital Marketing & eCommerce

Tyler Calder

Online Advertising

Micheal Seaton

Web and Digital Analytics

Dr.Sebastian Maurice Ph.D

Big Data Science

Dr. Jatin Chaudhari

Online Customer Acquisition

Mohammad Nayab Khalil

Digital Marketing

Punit Sindhwani

eCommerce Marketplace Management

Tara O'Doherty

UX UI Design


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"After completing this course I was able to utilize tools and techniques to find relevant and information in the data that has helped our business leaders make a better decision. This course is designed very well as it allows students to learn analytics utilizing powerful examples and best practices.

Deependra Timalsina - Data Analyst, Jyoti Group

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